Monday, January 9, 2012

Battlestar Galactica movie to follow original TV series

"Today word hit the net that X-Men director Bryan Singer’s attempt to remake the classic Arthurian legend movie Excalibur is dead. That matters because it means that Singer, suddenly has a lot more time on his hands. Time that he might spend on one of the many science fiction projects he’s been promising. In particular… Battlestar Galactica.

Singer has had a movie version of Battlestar Galactica on the back-burner for awhile now. In fact it had been long enough that we were starting to wonder if anything was every going to come of it. But talking to SFX on the eve of announcing that Excalibur is dead, Singer said that when their Excalibur project was cast off, “it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica – which I think will be really exciting.”

So apparently he’s not just making that his next project, it sounds like he’s actually already working on it. Singer doesn’t offer any further details, but we do know is that his movie will have nothing to do with either the 70s television series or the more recent Ronald Moore helmed remake series. That’s actually a shame since Moore’s version was about as perfect telling of this story as anyone could possibly fathom. Anything Singer does will only pale in comparison to that television show and, come on, it sort of seems like that show should just find a way to transition into feature films instead of starting all over again. Unfortunately, thanks to series creator Glen Larson they can’t go that route.

So Bryan Singer is starting over with a brand new telling of the Battlestar Galactica mythos. Expect to see it in theaters within the next couple of years. Are you interested? Sound off in our reader poll below."

"Last month, it was reported the director Bryan Singer was set to prioritise the big screen take on the television series Battlestar Galactica. This news didn’t go down particularly well, although we argued at the time that it was way too early to write the project off. And it still is.

However, over at Latino Review, the folks there appear to have some inside information on just where the Battlestar Galactica film will be going. And it appears to be that the original plan is still firmly in place: to set aside the Ronald D Moore-headed reimagining of late, and to go back to the original television show.

The site reports that lots of previzualistion and design work has been done on the big screen Battlestar Galactica outing, and that we’re likely to be getting a film version of the 1970 version of the TV show. Back when Starbuck was a man, and not Katee Sackoff.

Appreciating that it’d be a momentous job to follow what the recent take on Battlestar Galactica managed to do, it’s nonetheless bold to ignore it altogether, if indeed that appears to be the case (Singer has been quiet about all of this, understandable considering he's hard at work on his next film, Jack The Giant Killer). Singer’s film may simply use the 70s TV show as a base, and then go off and do its own thing, as JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film did to a point.

We still suspect that this one won’t happen, though.

There’s more on it over at Latino Review."

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